The Emperor’s Birthday | Cheer All The Way and Relax | All to know

The Emperor’s Birthday is celebrated in Japan on the occasion of the birthday of the reigning Emperor.

Currently celebrated on 23 February, as Emperor Naruhito was born on the day in 1960.

Before World War II, it was called Tenchōsetsu (天長節), “Tenchō Festival”. 

After the war, the new government renamed it to Tennō tanjōbi, in 1948, when it was established as a holiday by law. 

On the occasion, at the Imperial Palace, a public ceremony takes place where the gates of the palace are opened to public traffic which happens very rarely in general.

The Emperor, accompanied by the Empress, and other members of the imperial family appear on a palace balcony to acknowledge the birthday congratulations of crowds of festive well-wishers waving tiny Japanese flags. 

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