International Day of Seal | Conserve and Relax | All to know

International Day of the Seal is celebrated to promote the conservation of seals around the world.


Seals have been around for around 25 million years. They are members of the order Carnivora.

Today there are around 33 species of them, which includes the leopard seal, the top predator in Antarctica after the killer whale.

The most unique is the walrus. These large animals can weigh over 1500kgs. and have long, straight tusks protruding from their upper jaws. These tusks can be over one meter in length and are used to poke breathing holes in sea ice, and to assist them to climb out of the water.

Seals face many threats like ocean pollution and contamination from oil spills.

The Caribbean monk seal and the Japanese sea lion species have gone extinct.

World Wildlife Fund and the International Fund for Animal Welfare are working to conserve these amazing creatures. So, conserve and Relax on the occasion of International Day of the Seal. 

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